Mallorca is one of the most popular wedding – destinations, both for spanish as for foreign couples. Sunny spring and summer -weather, amazing beaches, delicious mediterranean cuisine…a wonderful spot on earth for an exceptional wedding.

Are you considering to celebrate your own wedding in this amazing spanish paradise? Would you like to live your own wedding-fairytale? We want to help you to make it come true. Take a look at this post, here you’ll find the most recomended wedding-features of the island, everything you need to make your great day unforgettable. Don’t miss it!

Hotel Barceló Illetas Albatros – Illetas

“Celebrate a romantic, charming beach-ceremony and tailor-made banquet, and make of the gently lapping waves the soundtrack of your most memorable day “

  • Located at the beach of Illetas, every wedding at the Barceló Illetas Albatros 4*Superior Hotel is a unique, personally tailored event. Couples can get married by the Mediterranean Sea, enjoing amazing views, and share a exquisit banquet with the guests at the venue, of overwhelming beauty and elegance.
  • The hotel offers a complete wedding-planner service that will customize every single little detail of the event, according to your guidelines, requests and ideas.
  • Take advantage of their fantastic all-in-one packages and special offers, and celebrate the wedding of your dreams for the best price!

Hotel Rural Son Mercadal – Porreres

“Beauty, tradition, comfort and an exceptional emplacement…at Son Mercadal your highest wedding-expectations will be surpassed”

  • Son Mercadal is a breathtaking family-run cottage,  surrounded by a forest of oaks and flowers.
  • The facilities of the cottage provide all you may desire for your wedding: Banquet-halls showing stone-walls, wooden roofs and typical local decoration.
  • The outward of Son Mercadal is the ideal scenario for your cocktail, a gorgeous photoshoot, and a charming ceremony
  • For this special occasion, the cottage’s team will satisfy any request to ensure the total success of this important event.
  • With tons of inspiration, they will take care of all the organisation and details, giving you the option to customize and thematize your wedding. 
  • Completely personalitzed menus with plenty of delicious flavours and culinary creativity.

Restaurante Maxime – Palma

“A breathtaking emplacement, en extraordinary cuisine, and the most outstanding deco-service the island has to offer, Restaurante Maxime provides you with all the essential tools for a perfect wedding-experience

  • The Restaurant is located at Vall d’Or, a little paradise on earth in Mallorca.
  •  The emplacement, gardens and views are some of the major claims of Máxime. An ideal location for a fairytale-wedding.
  • The restaurant features all the amenities such as direct access, private parking, etc., and the menu and decorations can be adapted as needed.
  • Their cuisine is a more than exceptional interpretation of mediterranean gastronomy, elaborated with the most outstanding regional products, and plenty of creativity and sense of innovation. 

Catering D’Calvache – Palma

“Enjoy an outstanding banquet with your guests, bring the most delicate and outstanding flavours to this once-in-a-lifetime occasion”

  • The chefs of Catering D’Calvache will rise to the challenge and meet your greatest expectations, designing a delightful and customized menu for your banquet, and delicious appetizers for the previous reception-cocktail. 
  • The renowned chef Jordi Calvache founded this completely exceptional catering-company, fulfilling his dream of giving free rein to his own creations.
  • Expert at the most advanced techniques, his outstanding dishes are a creative approach to traditional cuisine.
  • Catering D’Calvache works exclusively with fresh products of extraordinary quality
  • With no doubt, they will turn your wedding into an unforgettable culinary experience!

Exclusive Rent 4 Events – Palma

“Set up your wedding-venue just like you always have imagined. Cover it with your favourite colours, style it up and customize it with the fanciest and most exclusive features…make it completely magical.”

  • A young and passionate company that will provide you with the most up to date resources in order to create the deco-concept and athmosphere you choose for your wedding
  • Ans experimented team with more tan 10.000 events on their records!
  • Their catalogue includes furniture, table-ware, deco-items, accessories, all in plenty of diferent trends and designs…everything you need and more, with unbeatable prices
  • The  team will listen to your requests and take care of every single little detail in order to make your setting-dream come true. 
  • They’ll serve you anywhere on the island!

Focus Foto Estudio – Palma

“Eternalise each moment and emotion of you luckiest day, let a professional photographer tell your love story through the most wonderful and breathtaking pictures “

  • A prestigious team of photographers with one clear mission and passion: To tell your story and your most memorable day through the art of exceptional photography. Each detail, each kiss and every single tear, captured and turned into overwhelming imatges.
  • Their photographical style is natural, creative and completely exceptional.
  • Maximal professionality and discretion!
  • Your wedding lasts one day, the pictures will last forever. And the occasion deserves the most extraordinary pictures ever taken!

Hoshin Photo & Events – Port Alcudia

“Bring a funny touch to your wedding, share tons of laughters and enjoy the cheerful smiling faces of your beloved ones on the happiest day of your life”

  • Hoshin Photo & Events is a business that operates all over the islad, providing weddings and other joyful events with the latest and most original photo booths. A funny and genuine way to turn your wedding into an unforgettable event, with plenty of joy and happyness.
  • Different models for you to choose from: booth with 1 or 4 screens, colour or black and white pictures, two different sizes, and customized frames and backgrounds…Aside from the bride and groom, the booth will be the third main character of the day!
  • You can print as many copies of the pictures as you like, and the team will design an exclusive logo to honour the singularity of your wedding. Also, the atrezzo is included… Your guests will love it!

Flors i Verdesca – Palma

“Fill your wedding-site with the colours, fragrance and beauty of your favourite blossoms”

  • Florist specialized in wedding decoration since 1984, a diplomated team with tons of experience, talent and passion, always seeking perfection and the clients’ complete satisfaction.
  • Offers a personalized wedding decoration, inspired by your favourite species and blossoms, in order to create a unique and enchanting setting. Also, they will design and compose your bouquet, your flower-crown, deco of the car and any other item you want to adorn.
  • They exclusively make use of natural and fresh flowers of greatest quality, guaranteed to least for more that 12 days.
  • Quick service and special offers so you won’t have to worry about your Budget!

Tentagent Carpas – Palma

“Be prepared for any weather-circumstances, or simply surprise your guests by creating a unique and romantic setting with an impressive wedding-tent.”

  • Tentagent is a company specialized in leasing and sale of 100% waterproof Bedouin Tents for weddings and other fancy events.
  • They will provide you with the best quality installation service, and bring a touch of beauty and glamour to your wedding-site
  • Tentagent will advise you about the best and most apropriate solution, in order to meet all your demands.
  • Their diverse selection of tents is able to fit any space, and aesthetically adapt to all kinds of environments
  • Check out their stock and pick yours!

La Moon Lighting~Balloons – Palma

“Your wedding deserves the fanciest, most genuine and surprising lighting-concept. Beautiful lighting-balloons will bring a special and romantic athmosphere to your venue

  • La Moon offers lighting-balloons in all sizes, shapes and styles for weddings and event decoration.
  • An exclusive service on the island, well known for creating stunning settings and athmospheres with the balloons, achieving breathtaking lighting-effects.
  • Their selection of balloons shows a great variety of shapes, so that you can pick those that best fit your wedding style, the climate you want to create, and the message you want to share for the occasion
  • No matter if you choose a beach-wedding, a glamourous event at a luxurious venue, or your own yard, La Moon will find the perfect concept at any circumstances!

Serso Palma Sonido & Iluminación – Palma

“A dazzling lighting concept and altogether perfect sound-resources will make of your wedding a hit!”

  • Light effects with changing colors, light curtains, garlands of light bulbs, luminous cables and light letters are only a few of the devices this renown Company has to offer in order to create a magical scenery for your wedding
  • No matter what you have in mind, life music, flash-lights,  the serso – team will provide you with all necessary tools and set everything up. During the wedding, they will take care of the correct performance and coordination of the lighting and sound effects, carrying out a perfect show.
  • Available for any kind of emplacement: terraces, gardens, interior spaces, etc

Lisa López Alpargatas – Calvià

“For your genuine majorcan wedding, local bridal fashion is a must. Complete your look with handcrafted accessories, made in Mallorca!”

  • Lisa López is a local artisan and designer, specialized in creating the most outstanding and gorgeous accessories made of natural raw materia.
  • Her alpargatas for brides are of exclusive elegance, comfort and quality, famous all over the island and beyond, as well as her coronets, combs and picture hats. 
  • The articles are inspired in the young, modern woman: casual but distinguished, trendy but functional.
  • All of Lisa’s designs are limited editions, not for sale at any other boutique.
  • You can order her articles online. Take a look at her catalogue. Completely amazing!
  • By the way, Lisa López also offers fantastic alpargatas and accessories for female wedding-guests!

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